Plant your Seeds – Group Seminar


Improve your wellbeing while you wait

Psychologists across Australia have seen an increase in demand for their services over the past 12 months with wait times anywhere from three to six months. This wait can be a challenging period, especially considering why you may have sought help in the first place.

It can be useful to build your knowledge on the things you can do right now to improve your overall well-being and resilience to help face the continuing and emerging challenges in your life. The Plant your Seeds seminar is aimed at building awareness in the processes that keep us healthy, and to learn how to plant the seeds of wellbeing that give us the tools we need to handle the challenges that arise.

This is a single session group that runs for approximately 90 - 120 minutes with a short break in the middle. However, it’s important to note this is not a therapy group, and it is not designed for the discussion and processing of delicate and personal traumas and difficulties through the group format. We welcome participants to share their experiences in seeking improved wellbeing and difficulties therein, as in relation to the content covered, but if you are currently experiencing any of the below, this may not be the right group for you, or it may not be the right time:

  • If you are currently actively suicidal, self-harming, or engaged in violence towards others.
  • If you have current, active, impairing PTSD symptoms (e.g., flashbacks, dissociation, or intense emotional reactions to trauma cues)
  • If you have severe depression, anxiety, or substance use that is significantly impairing your ability to function in day-to-day life.

If you are waiting for an appointment after seeking help or have an interest in evolving your own wellness, this seminar may be for you. You may also attend on behalf of someone in your life who you feel is struggling; you’ll learn if therapy is right for them and leave with useful information to assist them in improving their day-to-day wellbeing.

For more information, please read the Plant your Seeds flyer here:

Group Fees

Group Seminar - 2 hour session

$50.00 per person

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